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You can be sure to trust our expertise in midwifery and out-of-hospital birth.  Growing Family Birthing Center is a member of the American Association of Birth Centers.  We are accredited Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.  


Our Team

Get to know the amazing staff that work at the Birthing Center


Debbie cowarT - Cpm, ldm, owner, midwife 

Debbie has been involved in birth work since 1981 when she started attending births as a Labor Coach (now known as a Doula). From 1989 to 1991 she worked with a midwife as a birth assistant attending home births. In 1992 she started her own small home birth practice. In 2008 she worked at Sacred Waters Community Birthing Center in Eugene, OR for a year; then did postpartum care at Bella Vie in Salem, OR for a couple of years while continuing her own home birth practice. In April 2011 she opened her own Licensed Freestanding Birth Center in Lebanon, OR.

Debbie’s passion is helping women and their families have safe, gentle, births. She believes women’s bodies were designed to give birth and they should be given the time, space and support to let their body do what it is designed to do.

Debbie has been married to Steve since 1978. They have 8 children and 10 grand children. They live on a 20 acre farm near Lebanon.


betty griffith-aime, LDM

As a Licensed Direct Entry Midwife in the state of Oregon, I have served the city of Salem, and the surrounding communities, since 1980.

My Background

My introduction to childbirth occurred in the 1960's while I was a student nurse at a teaching hospital. I found a lot of the medical intervention that was considered necessary at that time to be very frightening, so I determined to spend my career finding a better way for women to give birth.

After graduating from nursing school in 1968, I spent several years teaching childbirth education and assisting a chiropractor that was doing births in his clinic. In 1974 I became an obstetrics nurse at a small hospital where I was given even more responsibilities, and was able to learn how to handle a greater variety of circumstances involved in the birth process, and to improve my skills in labor management.

In 1980, I began assisting a few friends and relatives who chose to give birth at home, and I realized that I was ready to fulfill my true calling, that of Home Birth Midwife. Since then, I have attended hundreds of births, and each birth teaches me something new. I still find my career to be stimulating, uplifting and fulfilling. I am enjoying delivering many second generation babies in the Salem area.

Personal Note

I am married with four grown children, and six grandchildren, some of whose pictures compliment these pages.

Betty Griffith-Aime, LDM
Licensed Direct Entry Midwife
7745 Sunnyside Rd. SE
Salem, OR 97306
(503) 362-2791 office, (503) 559-2681 cell
(888) 362-2791 Toll Free 

Lindsie Lincoln RN, BSN

Lindsie is a registered nurse since 2011, she lives in Lebanon with her husband of 10 years and their 3 children, Jayce, Liam and Zayden.

Lindsie currently has a bachelors degree in nursing and is enrolled at Frontier Nursing University and is obtaining her Masters degree in nurse midwifery. She plans to continue on after the masters program to obtain her Doctorate in Nursing Practice and be able to provide Primary Care at Growing Family Birth Center.


Ondra watson, cpm, ldm

Ondra has been a Licensed Direct Entry Midwife since 2009.  She got her training in Craniosacril Therapy (CST) in 2011 and added Holistic Pelvic Care™ (a specific type of internal pelvic bodywork pioneered by Tami Kent, MSPT, of Portland. OR).

Ondra regularly holds CST ond HPC clinics at the birth center and often helps with prenatal and postpartum appointments and occasionally helps out at births.



Kaylyn obtained her B.S. from Oregon State University majoring Sociology with an emphasis in Environmental/ Natural Resources and Statistics. She is happily married with two children. Kaylyn brings with her significant skills and organization in her role as Office Manager. 

During her free time she enjoys running and hiking, and spending time with her family.

Amy Shrock

Amy is the head of billing at Growing Family Birth Center.  Her job includes communicating with clients, insurance companies, medical share groups.  She is more than happy to help clients through the billing processes, and assist you with your needs.  

Amy was introduced to the midwifery world at a very young age, as she was born at home with the help of a local midwife.  Amy was married in 2014.