Growing Family Birth Center takes care to provide high quality, personalized services. 


Our Services Include:

Complete Maternity Care, Birth Center or Home Birth, Water Birth, Newborn Hearing Screen, Free Pregnancy Test, and Well Woman Care.


Birth Center Birth

Growing Family Birth Center was created for women and their families to receive care in an environment that is safe and comfortable. Your prenatal appointments are held in the birthing suites so you are familiar and comfortable with the surroundings when it is your time to give birth. There is space for your family and friends if you choose to have guests to support you through labor or to visit your new family after the birth.  We have no limit on guests, we just ask that anyone who is ill refrain from visiting and sharing their germs.


Home Birth

A home Birth is also a safe and comfortable option for women. When a woman is relaxed, her labor and birth is usually quicker and easier.  The discomfort in labor can be heightened when the environment is stressful or uncomfortable.  When in your own home, you have the freedom to move about as you wish.  The midwife and birthing team come to you, and bring you all the necessary equipment for your birth.  Often, at a home birth, you may find the Midwife in the corner knitting or reading.  She will only disrupt you when vitals need to be taken or when labor is picking up and you need support.



Water Birth

Water Birth is another popular option we provide for women. We have a newly remodeled private bathroom for laboring mothers. The beautiful tub includes a waterfall faucet for easy temperature and flow control. You can choose to have the water trickle for a relaxing sound and turn the dimmer light to whatever setting helps you relax. The birthing team keeps at a distance and only disrupts for appropriate vital checks or if you choose to have more support. We also have birthing tubs available for rent if you would like a water birth at home.


Well Women Care

At Growing Family Birth Center we also offer Well Woman Care (Pap Smears, Breast Exams, Lab) through 8 weeks postpartum. 


Newborn Hearing Screen Tests

We are pleased to be involved with a pilot program for hearing screening through the state. Our goal is to help make sure that babies born in out-of-hospital settings can get their hearing screened. We are available to serve families who have given birth in an out-of-hospital setting in Linn, Benton, and surrounding counties. There is a minimal fee of $10 for the screening test, however no one is turned away for the inability to pay.