Hear what our clients have to say

"After our initial visit and tour of the birth center my husband, Michael, and I knew we came to the perfect place for out prenatal care.
    This was my third pregnancy. My two boys were both born in a hospital and this time I wanted midwifery care. Every desire I had for my pregnancy and birth is what my midwives represent. 
    Each visit I learned valuable information and had confidence in the health of my pregnancy. I felt as if they were genuinely dedicated to the care of my growing miracle and my well being. I always feel so comfortable, welcomed, and warmed by their kindred spirits.
    My labor and birth was fairly quick, lasting 6½ hours from first contraction until my precious baby boy, Ruger, was born. I was at the birth center one hour and fifteen minutes of labor. I got into the tub not too long after I arrived. I’m sure glad I did. It was so relaxing and I was able to let my body be at ease during contractions. 
    Every woman envisions what their ideal birth would be like. Mine was absolutely incredible, beautiful, and exhilaration!
    My midwives were simply there for supporting me and witnessing my birth, not to intervene or take credit for such a natural event.
    Mrs. Debbie, Mrs. Emily, and Mrs. Evy have always put my comfort first and listened. My optimal health in pregnancy was a result of their practical, knowledgeable advice. I connected with them right away and they are more than midwives to me. They will always have a special place in our hearts.
    The superb care of Mrs. Debbie and her team is exceptional! I would highly recommend the Growing Family Birth Center to growing families. You will be ecstatic you did!
The Burner's"